Friday, August 25, 2017

Chinese Army: "We So Ronery"

Chinese civilians have been spending far too much time polishing their bayonets instead of preparing for combat. Military authorities have taken notice.
The Chinese military says excessive masturbation and too many video games are among the reasons its physical-test failure rates have reached an “alarming high.”
This explains the popularity of the "What in the World is Carmen Santiago Wearing" app.
The People’s Liberation Army is now dishing out advice after one city saw more than half its candidates — 56.9 percent — fail their physicals, according to the BBC.
Military service is mandatory but is not enforced as it is apparently considered a wise career move to enlist. 
PLA found that 8 percent of candidates failed because of abnormalities found in their scrotum from sitting too much. Another 25 percent flunked because of blood and urine tests. It recommended that candidates follow 10 basic principles, including exercising more, cutting out fizzy drinks and booze, limiting computer games and masturbation, not getting a tattoo and drinking clean water.
They perhaps need to develop warrior monks ... the People's Liberation Monastery.

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